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How does yeast work?

Fun science with quick acting yeast Looking for something to entertain the kids? Well, this is fun and educational! Science is all around us including the science of cooking and baking. Yeast is a little single cellular organism that we use to bake with. In this experiment, we look at how we can wake up the little organisms! You will need 2 plastic bottles 2 balloons warm water dried yeast (fast action) sugar Method add the same amount of warm water to both bottles add the same amount (1 teaspoon) of dried yeast to both bottles to one bottle...

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Rising Above The Goop!

We live in a world with information at our fingertips. When we want information, we want it now. When looking for health information we often turn to the internet before seeking out professional advice. So we need to be where the public is looking. If we are not there, they will find the self-styled health gurus instead of qualified nutritional professionals. In November last year, I was invited to attend a breakfast meeting by PR Company Porter Novelli, looking at effective ways of harnessing social media. As qualified nutritional professionals, we often get lost in the noise of big...

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Mothers Day Gift Guide

In the UK, Mothering Sunday falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent which this year is Sunday 11th March 2018. In the 16th century, on this day people returned to their ‘mother’ church (where you were baptised or in your hometown). If you did this you were said to have been ‘a-mothering’! Later domestic servants were given the day off to visit their home churches often with their mothers and families. Eventually, this tradition turned into Mothering Sunday, which included giving a gift to your mother. So if you are looking for a special treat for your mother for Mothers day, then we have...

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Why One Diet Doesn’t Fit All

Everyone is different; everyone has different health needs, different energy requirements for activities, different social situations. Therefore one diet does not fit all and is not suitable for everyone. When giving dietary advice, dietitians take all this into account and give personalised nutritional advice. Recently on twitter, there have been people that have been slating dietitians because we do not support their way of eating for everyone! These people are often passionate about their way of eating or their particular diet, which if it works for them, that is great. But this does not mean it is right for everyone! Sarah and...

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Dietitian’s Life 3 years on!

Happy 3rd Birthday Dietitian’s Life – a year in review Another year past, I didn’t think it was very eventful until I looked back and realised how much we’ve fitted in! Back in March 2017 I was invited to present at the Yorkshire Branch of the BDA on running a blog at their event ‘Making the most of media in Nutrition and Dietetics‘. What an honour to be asked to present alongside media dietitians Lucy Jones and Sian Porter as well as nutrition writer Ursula Arens. If you want to know more about running a blog, then read my...

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Welcome to Dietitian’s Life

Nutrition, diet and the life of a dietitian. No fad diets, potions or pills, promoting evidence-based dietary advice.

We are UK registered dietitians who have a similar enthusiasm for all things dietetic and ensuring the right nutritional messages are getting out there. Dietitians are registered with the Health Care Professions Council and must adhere to a code of conduct, ensuring we give evidence-based nutritional advice.

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