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Nutrition and Numbers: The power of social media

Social media It really can be a wonderful thing. Since I joined Facebook over 10 years (!) ago I have watched it evolve, with the introduction of other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Like most new concepts there is that initial fear of getting involved. It’s something novel. It can be quite scary to put your life, your thoughts, yourself and more so now, your expertise on there. However, more and more health professionals, including many Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists are embracing it. Twitter boomed with Tweets to support Dietitian’s Week, which last year, surrounded evidence-based practice. Using...

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PKU and Sugar

Sugar continues to be a hot topic at the moment, especially with the impending sugar tax on high sugar drinks. There is concern about the effect of sugar on the teeth causing dental caries, as well as the calories it provides contributing to weight gain. These concerns are the same for someone with PKU who follows a low protein diet. Dietitians are not in favour of demonising one nutrient and take a whole diet approach when it comes to a balanced diet and lifestyle. However, the bottom line is we are eating too much sugar and reducing the amount...

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The Great Salt Debate

It is not often Louise and I disagree over something dietetically or generally for that matter. She is the Yin to my Yang. The calm to my crazy and the rational to my irrational impulses. A great working and blog team. However, recently we have disagreed on one aspect of dietetics and that is salt. In the Howe household my husband does all of the cooking  and in the Robertson household it is split a bit more. The type of cooking between camps is very similar with plenty of cooking from scratch, lots of fresh vegetables and dishes from all over the...

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10 Reasons You Know You are Dating a Dietitian

My husband swears he has changed since meeting me. Unfortunately, not in the tidiness department but in his eating, fitness and quite disturbingly his willingness to to discuss his bowel habits. We wanted to share these signs and changes with you and ask the question: do you know the signs that you are dating a dietitian? Do these ring true with you? Your lunch box contents changes from containing a packet of crisps and a cake bar to elaborate salads, almonds and numerous pieces of fruit. Whilst staring at the confectionery aisle when choosing a snack, a little voice in your head starts...

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So I Need to Gain Weight?

When I tell many people about what I do for a living, they immediately pat their tummies and tell me they need to go on a diet. Louise has written a post before about the 10 Things People say to you when they hear you are a Dietitian and many of our Dietetic readers could relate. Members of the general population often think helping others lose weight is the main purpose of our role but it is a small aspect. We often see people who need to gain weight. This may be due to illness, such as lung conditions, eating disorders, cancer,...

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Welcome to Dietitian’s Life

Nutrition, diet and the life of a dietitian. No fad diets, potions or pills, promoting evidence-based dietary advice.

We are UK registered dietitians who have a similar enthusiasm for all things dietetic and ensuring the right nutritional messages are getting out there. Dietitians are registered with the Health Care Professions Council and must adhere to a code of conduct, ensuring we give evidence-based nutritional advice.

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