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Review: The Carb Spoon

We often hear people say that carbs are fattening, but the reality is that it is the amount we eat not the type of food which makes us put on weight! Wholegrain, high fibre carbohydrate foods are linked to a decreased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers so they are important to include in our diet. So the key is the portion size. It is very easy to overeat carbohydrate foods, so weight management dietitian Lisa has invented ‘The Carb Spoon’, a measuring spoon to measure out the perfect amount of carbs to cook and eat. I...

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Sweet Potato Wedges

This sweet tasting root vegetable is easy to cook into wedges. They are a source of carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins A, C and B6 and unlike potatoes they can be counted towards your 5 a day! They are also friendly for people with a disorder called PKU as they are low in protein and phenylalanine and do not have to be counted in the diet. Homemade Sweet potato wedges are a good alternative to chips. Ingredients Sweet potato Olive oil Pepper / herbs / spices / dried chilli flakes Method Heat oven to 200c / gas mark 6 Chop potatoes...

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So I Need to Eat More Fibre?

Our last blog post discussed the new SACN guidelines from July 2015 regarding carbohydrates and health. One of the recommendations in this was the need to increase dietary fibre in the healthy population. There is quite a leap in the recommendation from 18g, which the last National Diet and Nutrition Survey showed we were not meeting, to 30g a day. It appears as a nation we don’t have the fibre-love! We should however, as the SACN report states a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and colo-rectal disease with the more dietary fibre we eat. Other Key Recommendations There was...

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SACN Carbohydrate and Health Report: What does it mean for me?

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) published their report on Carbohydrate and Health last week (July 2015). It is a 384 page document all about carbohydrates…. but how do we interpret it and what does it mean for us? SACN is an expert advisory board for the UK government who were tasked with looking at the latest evidence for the links between the consumption of carbohydrates, sugar, starch and fibre in relation to health (i.e. heart disease, type 2 diabetes, bowel health and tooth decay). What are their recommendations? 1) The amount of carbohydrate in our diet should be...

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10 Diet Myths that Dietitians hear all the time!

1) Carbs make you gain weight.      Wrong. Too much of any food will make you gain weight. You can reduce your portions of carbohydrate and substitute with vegetables. This will reduce your overall calorie intake and could help with weight loss. Choose wholemeal versions for extra fibre and better satiety. 2) I’m using honey as that’s better than sugar. Wrong. Honey contains glucose and fructose; sugars. Just because honey is natural and comes from a bee, it’s still sugar. We all should be cutting down on the amount of sugar we consume for a healthy diet. 3) I use olive...

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