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Nutrition and Numbers: The power of social media

Social media It really can be a wonderful thing. Since I joined Facebook over 10 years (!) ago I have watched it evolve, with the introduction of other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Like most new concepts there is that initial fear of getting involved. It’s something novel. It can be quite scary to put your life, your thoughts, yourself and more so now, your expertise on there. However, more and more health professionals, including many Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists are embracing it. Twitter boomed with Tweets to support Dietitian’s Week, which last year, surrounded evidence-based practice. Using...

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The Good Food Show: Nutrition Fact & Nutrition Fiction

Volunteering at the Good Food Show In June I volunteered to help out on the BDA stand at the Summer Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham. I decided to volunteer as it is great fun going to the Good Food Show, the NEC is just down the road from me and when I have been to the show in previous years there has been a lot of nutrition nonsense spouted! Having a dietitian drop in clinic would bring some nutritional credibility to the show. The stand was situated in the Eat Well corner, next to the Healthy...

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Should we treat sugar like tobacco?

I came across a tweet from a high profile doctor advocating that we should treat sugar like tobacco. This was quite concerning to hear. Is sugar like tobacco? A nutrient that our body uses for energy vs a habit that has direct links to cancer and disease? We know from the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) that we are eating too much sugar (in regards to the government recommendations) and that over eating sugar could risk leading to weight gain (SACN Carbohydrate and Health 2015). But we also know from NDNS that we are not eating enough fruit,...

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Wellness Blogger vs Dietitian

In recent years the age of the wellness blogger has risen. Young people finding fame on social media channels passionately encouraging people to follow their way of life which will lead to ‘wellness’. What is ‘wellness’? Well according to the English Oxford dictionary it is ‘the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal’. So you have to work at your good health to have ‘wellness’. A wellness blogger is therefore someone that writes and blogs about how to improve your self with lifestyle changes to reach a status of good health. As dietitians we...

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10 Ridiculous Fad Diets

Fad diets are like fashion, they come and go and sometimes come round again… They lure people in because they are different or extreme and they often promise quick results. They see quick results as they miss whole food groups out of the diet which leads to less calories consumed. These diets often lack essential nutrients that are needed for health e.g. calcium, iron, B12. Unless you have a food intolerance or a medical reason then there is no need to cut certain foods out of your diet. You body will stay in good shape and look after its...

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The Diet Book Maze

This January the shelves were stacked with the latest new diet books ready to grab our attention and money after we had all indulged over the festive period. I spotted this stand in a local supermarket and it includes The Sirt diet, Michael Mosley’s The 8 week blood sugar diet, Bear Grylls Fuel for Life, Davina’s Smart Carbs, I Quit Sugar, Clean and Lean for Life…. The running theme here is sugar (free!), which is the hot topic at the moment, and therefore a sure way to make some cash! With so many books to choose from where do you...

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The PKU Diet: Healthy Eating Myths

Happy 2016 readers! It’s a new year and this can often mean a new you and a time for getting healthy and trying to lose some weight. The diet for Phenylketonuria (PKU) can be very hard to follow. Avoiding high protein foods on a daily basis whilst eating out, socialising and working can pose for difficulties. When adding healthy eating and weight loss into daily routine, things can become even more difficult. However, like the general population it is really important to aim for a healthy Body Mass Index to avoid developing any associated conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. See below for...

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Dietitians Eating Out

It was my birthday recently and like usual I dragged the celebrations out a bit. Two meals; the latter including the co-author of this blog; Louise. It made me smile thinking of two Dietitians eating out together. Would we be sensible and have a delicious but sound healthy meal? Or would we go nuts and eat the world? I have other friends who work as Dietitians who very much do not practice what they preach and others who are extremely food conscious. I think as always that happy medium and moderation is key. Despite this several thoughts went through...

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Alcohol – should we focus on giving it up for a month?

The Drylathon has just passed us and will be in full swing again in January; a challenge set by Cancer Research UK. For those who may think I am talking about a process of airing clothes; the Dryathlon is a month long challenge set that asks people not to drink alcohol for a month. In theory this sounds good. No alcohol for a month will give the body, the liver especially, a good month to recover. Participants may actually start to feel they don’t miss it that much and perhaps cut down or give up completely. There are other...

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Red Meat and Cancer: The Facts

The headlines are full of scary stories on nutrition again ‘Process meats do cause cancer’, Processed meat ranks along side smoking as a cancer cause’, ‘Hot dogs, bacon, processed meat linked to cancer’. If you just read the headlines then you might be led to believe that you should never eat meat again or you will get cancer… This is why people think nutritional messages are always changing, when generally they are not. If you delve deeper into the story you will realise it is ok to have processed meats once in a while. The report (October 2015) has...

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