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PKU and Sugar

Sugar continues to be a hot topic at the moment, especially with the impending sugar tax on high sugar drinks. There is concern about the effect of sugar on the teeth causing dental caries, as well as the calories it provides contributing to weight gain. These concerns are the same for someone with PKU who follows a low protein diet. Dietitians are not in favour of demonising one nutrient and take a whole diet approach when it comes to a balanced diet and lifestyle. However, the bottom line is we are eating too much sugar and reducing the amount...

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Should we treat sugar like tobacco?

I came across a tweet from a high profile doctor advocating that we should treat sugar like tobacco. This was quite concerning to hear. Is sugar like tobacco? A nutrient that our body uses for energy vs a habit that has direct links to cancer and disease? We know from the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) that we are eating too much sugar (in regards to the government recommendations) and that over eating sugar could risk leading to weight gain (SACN Carbohydrate and Health 2015). But we also know from NDNS that we are not eating enough fruit,...

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The Diet Book Maze

This January the shelves were stacked with the latest new diet books ready to grab our attention and money after we had all indulged over the festive period. I spotted this stand in a local supermarket and it includes The Sirt diet, Michael Mosley’s The 8 week blood sugar diet, Bear Grylls Fuel for Life, Davina’s Smart Carbs, I Quit Sugar, Clean and Lean for Life…. The running theme here is sugar (free!), which is the hot topic at the moment, and therefore a sure way to make some cash! With so many books to choose from where do you...

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SACN Carbohydrate and Health Report: What does it mean for me?

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) published their report on Carbohydrate and Health last week (July 2015). It is a 384 page document all about carbohydrates…. but how do we interpret it and what does it mean for us? SACN is an expert advisory board for the UK government who were tasked with looking at the latest evidence for the links between the consumption of carbohydrates, sugar, starch and fibre in relation to health (i.e. heart disease, type 2 diabetes, bowel health and tooth decay). What are their recommendations? 1) The amount of carbohydrate in our diet should be...

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Don’t be Scared of Sugar

Sugar is getting a lot of flack at the moment. It’s evil. It’s poisonous and oh yes of course it WILL kill you (come to think of it I did choke a bit the last time I had some cake). Bottom line. We are all eating too much of the white stuff. Sugary foods are not packed with vitamins and minerals whereas fruit and vegetables and foods high in protein, like egg or nuts are. Sugar is really just empty energy. Fizzy drinks, cakes, sweets and biscuits do nothing for your long term energy levels. A quick burst for you...

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10 Diet Myths that Dietitians hear all the time!

1) Carbs make you gain weight.      Wrong. Too much of any food will make you gain weight. You can reduce your portions of carbohydrate and substitute with vegetables. This will reduce your overall calorie intake and could help with weight loss. Choose wholemeal versions for extra fibre and better satiety. 2) I’m using honey as that’s better than sugar. Wrong. Honey contains glucose and fructose; sugars. Just because honey is natural and comes from a bee, it’s still sugar. We all should be cutting down on the amount of sugar we consume for a healthy diet. 3) I use olive...

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The Truth About Sugar…?

Sugar is the villain in the media at the moment. We haven’t just discovered this, as dietitians we have  been promoting low sugar for healthy eating for a long time. The WHO (World Health organisation) first recommended that our free sugar intake should be less than 10% of our total daily energy intake in 1989. For a man following a 2500kcals diet this would be less than 62g of sugar per day (about 15 teaspoons) and a lady following a 2000kcal diet this would be less than 50g of sugar per day (about 12 teaspoons). The benefits to health...

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