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How does yeast work?

Fun science with quick acting yeast Looking for something to entertain the kids? Well, this is fun and educational! Science is all around us including the science of cooking and baking. Yeast is a little single cellular organism that we use to bake with. In this experiment, we look at how we can wake up the little organisms! You will need 2 plastic bottles 2 balloons warm water dried yeast (fast action) sugar Method add the same amount of warm water to both bottles add the same amount (1 teaspoon) of dried yeast to both bottles to one bottle...

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Cauliflower Cheese Pasta Sauce

I am always looking for sneaky ways of getting vegetables in to my fussy 3 year old with out her realising… and this recipe is on my sneaky veg list! My daughter loves pasta and white sauce, so one day I just added half a cauliflower to it and she didn’t notice! Being white, the cauliflower blends in well to the sauce and when blended down has a nice smooth texture. Adding cheese makes the dish a bit more exciting and more nutritionally compete with the addition of some protein. How much or how little cheese added is determined...

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Pink Pasta

My girls love pink pasta and it is also a sneaky way to get more veg in their diet! I make a white sauce and then add grated cheese and beetroot to make it pink. The creamy sauce is a good way to get calories into a child, but a large portion for an adult would be quite calorific, so if you are tempted to eat it to, then make sure your portion isn’t to large and team it up with lots of salad on the side. If you want to increase your weight, then treat yourself to a bit more! Ingredients...

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No Weigh Porridge

The summer is past, the kids have started school again and soon it will be dark in the mornings… (well if you live in the UK like me!). A warm healthy breakfast is required to get you going in the morning. It’s to complicated to be getting the weighing scales out and following a recipe first thing in the morning I hear you cry…? Well here is the solution, a none weighing recipe to make porridge. Porridge made from porridge oats is full of fibre, keeping you fuller for longer. Firstly choose a cup or mug to measure out...

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Banana and Raspberry Muffins

Once a banana is past its peak and gone black, then the only way I can eat it is in a cake! Cakes are simple to bake. Growing up my mum taught me basic recipes including the basic cake recipe of 4:4:4:2 – 4oz of margarine, sugar, self raising flour and 2 eggs! Simple to remember. Baking cakes is always fun for children to! Recipe 4oz (125g) margarine 4oz (125g) brown sugar 4oz (125g) self raising flour 2 eggs 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 black banana handful of raspberries (or any other berry) Heat oven to 180 degrees...

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Colours of the Rainbow: talking about healthy eating to 4 year olds!

It is the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating week this week (1st-5th June 2015), so I volunteered myself to go into my daughters nursery school to talk to the children about my job and healthy eating. Nursery school is for children aged 3-4 years and at my daughter’s nursery they go every weekday morning or afternoon. My daughter goes in the morning, but I also repeated my talk for the afternoon session to. In my daughters morning session I felt I was having a sneaky peak into their world of nursery, watching them do the register by singing everyone’s...

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Pester Power…

I went shopping today and these ended up in my trolley… When I go shopping on my own I (almost) never buy foods like this (can’t talk for my husband though!). The problem was that I had taken my 4 year old and nearly 2 year old with me as I had run out of potatoes for dinner. My 4 year old saw the donuts, pulled out her sweet smile and big eyes and pleaded…. ‘please mummy, please can we can we have these’, while me nearly 2 year old was running off in the opposite direction, I couldn’t refuse....

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Helping Your Child to Think Healthy

As a dietitian I want my daughter to grow up into healthy adult with sound eating and lifestyle habits. Of course I do and I’m sure all parents do. However, I’m worried. How as a dietitian can I ensure she has a good healthy relationship with food but not obsessive? I’m already concerned about my job rubbing off on her in a negative way. She loves the Mr Men books and her favourite is Mr Greedy. She loves pointing out he is eating cake whilst panicky thoughts rush through my mind; what if she sees someone else with a...

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Junk Food Kids – Who’s to Blame? My thoughts

I caught up on the first episode of Junk Food kids over the weekend and was shocked and saddened. It followed 4 children and their families outlining their lifestyle, diet and resulting health problems. The main focus of the programme and the story that stayed with me was Tallulah daughter of Natalie. At 4 years old she couldn’t fit into 8-9 year old clothes and needed to have 8 teeth out due to abscesses and awful tooth decay. Having the teeth removed was probably the most shocking part as Tallulah was left was no top teeth and woke in terrible...

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Help, my little girl won’t eat!!!

One of the worst things about being a Mummy is when my little one doesn’t eat.  When she’s unwell or teething it doesn’t seem to affect her sleep which is great! Instead she won’t eat. And some days we are talking nothing apart from milk. This isn’t just for a day. When we visited the States last November we were talking 10 days. I always know she’s unwell as she goes off her favourites; tuna pasta bake and casseroles. In fact when she’s really unwell hot meals are out of the question. Being a Dietitian has made it worse as...

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