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Mothers Day Gift Guide

In the UK, Mothering Sunday falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent which this year is Sunday 11th March 2018. In the 16th century, on this day people returned to their ‘mother’ church (where you were baptised or in your hometown). If you did this you were said to have been ‘a-mothering’! Later domestic servants were given the day off to visit their home churches often with their mothers and families. Eventually, this tradition turned into Mothering Sunday, which included giving a gift to your mother. So if you are looking for a special treat for your mother for Mothers day, then we have...

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Christmas Foodie Gift Guide

With less than a month until Christmas, have you done your Christmas shopping? If you are anything like me, then you might still have a list of people to buy for. If you are running short of ideas, then I have a Christmas Foodie Gift Guide to get you started. These gifts could be for a food-loving friend or family member who has everything already! I reached out to companies and asked them to provide me with Christmas foodie gift ideas. I chose the gifts that I thought were great Christmas foodie present ideas. In return for them appearing in...

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Review: The Carb Spoon

We often hear people say that carbs are fattening, but the reality is that it is the amount we eat not the type of food which makes us put on weight! Wholegrain, high fibre carbohydrate foods are linked to a decreased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers so they are important to include in our diet. So the key is the portion size. It is very easy to overeat carbohydrate foods, so weight management dietitian Lisa has invented ‘The Carb Spoon’, a measuring spoon to measure out the perfect amount of carbs to cook and eat. I...

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Review: Tg Green Tea

It’s important to stay hydrated and water would be one of our top recommended drinks, but sometimes we need a bit of flavour in our lives! I was contacted by Tg Green Tea to review their green tea products on the blog. I was sent some bottles of their ready to drink green tea and 3 different flavours of green tea bags. The Chinese have drunk green tea for the last 4000 years. The green tea leaves for these drinks come from a Chinese tea plantation on the Dao Ren mountain peak. The fresh leaves are steamed to make green tea, rather...

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Good Food Show Picks

At the end of November went to the BBC Good Food Show courtesy of The Blogger Programme. We left the kiddies in daddy care and off we went for a day of fun. We took one little helper with us who was only 9 weeks old! There are now several BBC Good Food Show’s around the UK and we went to our local one – the Winter show at the NEC in Birmingham. Titled ‘the ultimate day out for food lovers’ (to be a dietitian you have to have a love of food) so we were heading to the...

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Winter Warmer Challenge

We were invited to take part in the Aldi Winter Warmer Challenge and create a delicious winter warming recipe of which I chose a Roasted Turkey, Braised Leek and Caledonian Blue Cheese Pie. I was heading home for the weekend so I thought I would treat my mum. I was sent £20’s worth of Aldi vouchers, so off I went to get the ingredients. I went on a busy Saturday morning so had to substitute some of the ingredients for similar ingredients, including the blue cheese for Stilton!! Ingredients 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 onion, peeled and chopped 1 large...

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Veg Water Review

It is as it says on the bottle; water that tastes of vegetables! With the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey published recently reporting that we are still drinking too many sugary drinks, then there needs to be other appealing options to choose. Yes water is the best option to drink; hydrating, no calories and kind to your teeth, but there are times when a little extra flavour is needed! It’s at these moments when a sugar free option is perfect. Usually the options are always sweet using fruit flavours, but what about vegetable flavours…? The guys at JF Rabbit...

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Product review: Nothing But

We were sent a selection of new snacks called Nothing But. They are freeze dried fruit and vegetable pieces in small packets with no other added ingredients. I was keen to try them to see if they were a handy way of getting another portion of fruit and veg in. We were sent 3 flavours: Strawberry and Banana, Pineapple and Grape and Sliced Beetroot and Parsnip. Fruit and vegetables have a  very high water content, so when they are freeze dried and all the water taken out, they become very light little crunchy pieces. The calorie content per packet is...

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Product Review: Microwaveable Gluten Free Bread

Back in November I went to the Good Food Show at the NEC, a foodies heaven. I had a great time sampling different food and drink and watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood at the Super Theatre. I came across a stand selling this microwaveable gluten free bread. I don’t need a gluten free diet, but my sister in law does and I thought it would be handy to have in the house for when she visits. I was intrigued to see how it would turn out after being cooked in the microwave!! My sis in law was visiting for...

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