I went shopping today and these ended up in my trolley…


When I go shopping on my own I (almost) never buy foods like this (can’t talk for my husband though!). The problem was that I had taken my 4 year old and nearly 2 year old with me as I had run out of potatoes for dinner. My 4 year old saw the donuts, pulled out her sweet smile and big eyes and pleaded…. ‘please mummy, please can we can we have these’, while me nearly 2 year old was running off in the opposite direction, I couldn’t refuse. We can have them as our treat for our picnic tomorrow I tried to reassure myself. Unfortunately chocolate mousses found their way into the trolley the same way…

choc mousse

I don’t have many memories of going to the supermarket with my mum when I was small, and now I understand the reason why! My shop will be costing me a fortune and be full of unhealthy stuff if I keep bringing my kids along. My husband and I used to like going to the supermarket to peruse the aisle together, but this has now become a stressful situation with kids in tow so only one of us goes at one time now!

How could I prevent this from happening…

1) Don’t take my children with me…!

2) Negotiate and let them choose one food only each…?

3) Negotiate and if they are good buy a magazine or a set of stickers?

The check out is the greatest worry, hanging around the chocolates and sweets while waiting for your turn to pay. I constantly have to stop my children fingering all the shiny chocolate wrappers! The recent dietetic campaign by DOM UK (Dietitians in Obesity Management Specialist Group), ‘Dump the Junk’, urged supermarkets to removed junk food off the checkouts.


I took the photo above in February last year (2014) in Aldi, with the chocolate overflowing off the end of the check out. A year later and I have noticed that the chocolate has gone and it has now been replaced with healthy seeded crackers, dried fruit and batteries! Well done Aldi, I was even tempted into buying the seeded crackers and they were really good, especially dipped in hummus.

I have checked out a few more supermarkets. Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s didn’t have any food on their check outs, only magazines and insurance, where as Marks and Spencer’s check outs were filled with very temping cookies, crisps and sweets… I know which supermarkets I will be choosing if I have the kiddies in tow…!