We were very excited to learn that we have been nominated and shortlisted for the CN Awards 2016 in the new category ‘Social Media Personality of the Year’.

CN (Complete Nutrition) Magazine is a UK magazine for nutrition health professionals which we have been reading for many years, helping us to keep up to date with latest practice in dietetics. It is a honour to have not only been nominated, but to have been shortlist for our blog ‘Dietitian’s Life’. A massive thanks to Emma for nominating us. The competition is stiff and if we weren’t in the running I would be definitely voting for the other two short listed dietitians who I follow on social media and are fab!

Sarah and I are both dietitians working for the NHS and have young families, so the writing and developing of our blog is generally done in the evenings when the kids are in bed! It can be a lot of work, but the motivation to get evidence based nutritional messages out there is strong in this age where everyone is a ‘wellness’ expert!

We also like writing fun blog posts such as ‘10 things people say when the find out you are a dietitian‘ and ‘10 reasons you know you are dating a dietitian!‘ which people can relate to and hopefully raise the profile of dietitians more.

There are 11 categories to vote for so take a look here:

I am really pleased that my nomination for Professor Anita MacDonald in the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ was also shortlisted. I haven’t come across another dietitian who is so hard working and committed to her patients as Anita. She has given myself and Sarah lots of support professionally to. She received a well deserved OBE in the Queens Birthday Honours list last year for her services to dietetics, so please vote for her to!

The voting is open until Monday 25th June, so get your votes in now before you forget!

Thanks so much

Louise & Sarah x