What type of Eggs are you having for Easter…

eggs 600

Soft boiled

Hard boiled





Eggs Benedict


Egg Mayo

Deviled Eggs

Pickled Eggs

or Chocolate Eggs…!

Eggs are one of those foods that over the years has got it’s reputation back and there is now no restrictions on how many we can eat. A good source of protein and vitamins makes it a good breakfast or meal choice.

They used to have a bad reputation as they contain dietary cholesterol, but we now know that it is saturated fat that can affect out cholesterol in our bodies, not the dietary cholesterol we eat.

The only type of egg we shouldn’t over dose on is the chocolate egg…! There is always a place for chocolate egg treats at Easter, just in moderation!

choc eggs 600

Enjoy all types of eggs.

*Ensure your eggs are well cooked if you are at risk of food poisoning – babies, toddlers, pregnant ladies, elderly or unwell.

NHS Choices on Eggs.