Post Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Everyday Gourmet Gadgets to review thier Ultimate Julienne Peeler. #Advert. All views are my own.

Not Getting Our 5 a day?

So we are still being told by the government that as a nation in the UK we are still not meeting our ‘5 a day’ target for fruit and veg! I often wonder why this is. When I ask my clients what the target is, they can all tell me 5 a day, yet this is not translating into our diets. Is it the availability, the price, or is it not in our cooking repertoire?

Ingrid from Everyday Gourmet Gadgets is passionate about getting people to eat more veggies and has developed the Ultimate Julienne Peeler, a gadget that can help us prepare and cook our veggie more easily. 

I’m a sucker for a kitchen gadget. I have always fancied a spiraliser to add excitement to my salads, but always been put off my the price and the size of them. This hand held peeler is not just a peeler, but it also can slice, shred, grate and julienne. The peeler comes with a little book that tells you how to use the peeler safely and gives you some recipes using lots of vegetables!

Five in one Peeler

The Ultimate Julienne Peeler has 2 blades: the peeler blade and the julienne blade. The peeler can be used to peel root vegetables and fruit skins. It can be used to slice vegetable ribbons or cheese and can also be used to shred cabbage or onions. The Julienne blade makes lovely thin slices of vegetables and the section in the middles can be used to grate garlic, ginger and even parmesan cheese. 



Recipes using the Julienne Peeler

Everyday Gourmet Gadgets have lots of tips and recipes on their website to try out. I had a go at making cucumber sushi and you can see how I got on below.  They would be a great canape or starter to impress your friends.

The gadget is made in the UK and has a 12 month warranty. The blades are replaceable. It costs  £14.95 but the costs goes down with the more you buy. You can buy them from their website

I enjoyed using it and even had a go at making some rice paper rolls which I had never made before. Maybe I will try disguising some courgette spirals into the spaghetti and see if the kids notice!


Overall I think it is a great little gagdet to have on hand for preparing and cooking your veggies. Hopefully it will encourage you to include more veg in your diet and meet you 5 a day!

Have fun getting more veggies in your diet!