It suddenly dawned on me this week that we were starting the PKU diet challenge on Sunday and I needed to prepare! I started writing some meals plans and from there a shopping list. We had already ordered some protein substitutes and low protein food from Nutricia and then we raided the sample cupboard at work to see what other products we could find!


7 exchanges (7g of protein) is not many to be on. A slice of normal bread is around 4-6g of protein and a portion of pasta can be up to 9g of protein so we will be relying heavily on the use of low protein foods that can generally only be found on prescription.

I chose a big supermarket to do my weekly shop in so that I could find a range of products. I took my 4 1/2 year old daughter with me (left the 2 year old at home) and she was surprisingly patient with me as I spent ages looking at all the labels to find the product with the lowest protein content in! My husband did call me as we were leaving as he was starting to get worried we were ok as we had taken so long! My shop included lots of foods that are counted freely in the diet –  fruit and veg, sweet potatoes, vegan cheese, rice milk. As well as foods that are low in protein and can be used as my exchanges – potatoes (80g=1ex), sweetcorn (35g = 1 ex), vegetable fingers (1ex each), potato waffles (1 ex each), rice noodles (1ex per portion), cream cheese portions (2.5ex), quavers (1/2 ex per bag), crackers (1/2 ex each) and cereal bars (1-1.5ex each).

PKU supermrket foods

Then at 8.30pm I decided I needed to do some baking, so found a healthy looking cake recipe using the Fate Special Foods cake mix – Carrot and Pineapple low protein cake. Ingredients included carrots, pineapple and mixed peel.

collage (7)

I also got the bread machine working and made a lovely looking and smelling fresh loaf of Fate low protein bread using the Fate All purpose mix. Once cool I shall slice and put the slices in the freezer to keep fresh for the week!

fate bread

I put my protein substitute drinks in the fridge for the morning. I must confess my delivery went to work and I wasn’t in at the end of the week, so I had to pop round to Sarah’s and use some of hers till I get into work next week!

I shall go to bed dreaming of how I will eat my 7 exchanges tomorrow…!