Back in November I went to the Good Food Show at the NEC, a foodies heaven. I had a great time sampling different food and drink and watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood at the Super Theatre.

I came across a stand selling this microwaveable gluten free bread. I don’t need a gluten free diet, but my sister in law does and I thought it would be handy to have in the house for when she visits. I was intrigued to see how it would turn out after being cooked in the microwave!!

Soloaf Gluten Free Bread

My sis in law was visiting for my daughters birthday so we excitedly decided to give it a go. It was quick and easy to make, just whisking up a egg and 45ml of water with the gluten free mix.

How to make Soloaf gluten free breadIt only took 1 minute and 40 seconds to cook in the microwave and 1 minute to stand and then we turned it out!

We tasted it while still warm and it had a cake like texture, but once it cooled down it tasted much better.

Soloaf gluten free bread

My sis in law was impressed and took the rest home with her and had it toasted later that evening.

Each loaf is about 160kcal (using a medium egg), 5g Fat, 7g protein and 3.6g fibre.

I think it is a great idea, to get fresh gluten free bread quickly when you need it. It can be bought on line and you get 2 mixes in one packet. A good product to keep in the cupboard if your gluten free friend pops round unexpectedly for tea!

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