We are two best buddy dietitians, Sarah and Louise. We are dietitians working for the NHS with 26 years of clinical experience between us, working in the fascinating area of Inherited Metabolic Disorders. We are also both mummies to little girls which keeps us busy!

Louise has been qualified as a dietitian for 16 years and Sarah 10 years working in the acute NHS in a wide range of specialities before settling in IMD. Through work we regularly present at conferences at home and abroad, write articles and have coordinated and contributed to the new section ‘Inherited Metabolic Disorders in Adults’ in the 2015 edition Manual of Dietetic Practice and the complementary ‘Case Studies’ book.

We were first encouraged to join twitter professionally by our manager and several years later we started Dietitian’s Life in January 2015 with the aim of promoting good nutritional messages and the work of dietitians.

In 2018 Louise won the CN Award Social Media Personality of the Year and the blog was also nomintaed for the same award in 2016.

To find out what is a Dietitian and where they work then follow this link to our blog post and to the British Dietetic Association website – What do Dietitians do?

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