Happy 3rd Birthday Dietitian’s Life – a year in review

Another year past, I didn’t think it was very eventful until I looked back and realised how much we’ve fitted in!

Back in March 2017 I was invited to present at the Yorkshire Branch of the BDA on running a blog at their event ‘Making the most of media in Nutrition and Dietetics‘. What an honour to be asked to present alongside media dietitians Lucy Jones and Sian Porter as well as nutrition writer Ursula Arens. If you want to know more about running a blog, then read my post on ‘How to write a dietetic blog‘.

In February my colleague Clare wrote about loving your kidneys for World Kidney day on the 9th March, remember to drink adequate amounts of fluid and not too much salt!

Also in March, I spotted Harpreet a student dietitian, aka Veggie Nut, who on her Facebook page was sharing recipe ideas to encourage people to meet their 5 a day! I really loved her ideas and invited her to write a 2 part series on getting your fruit and veg in! Part one was ‘5 a day or 10 a day‘ looking at a recent meta-analysis and systematic review looking at the benefits of fruit and vegetable intake. I love Harpreet’s second post – ‘Top tips to include more fruit and veg in your diet‘ with all her brilliant recipe ideas and tips from other dietitians.

At my daughter’s school, I bumped into a fellow dietitian Sophie who is passionate about public health nutrition. She wrote a great article on looking at ways to get vitamin D in our diet. It is usually quite hard to get adequate amounts of vitamin D from your diet, but she had come across mushrooms fortified with vitamin D, read more about it here.

June was Dietitian’s Week. The theme was Evidence and Expertise, so I looked at What is evidence-based practice in relation to nutrition. Sarah and I decided to make our first video! We had a fun time, with a few little helpers, filming ‘10 reasons to trust a dietitian‘! I was asked by the BDA to be the curator of the Twitter @NHS account, highlighting the role of a dietitian in the NHS. It was great fun but a busy week fitting in all the tweeting with work, life and children! Check out the blog post to see the photos from that week.

At the end of June, I volunteered to help at the dietitian drop-in clinic at the Summer Good Food Show with the BDA. I enjoyed my morning on the stand, but also my afternoon to look round the show! It was great to have a credible nutrition presence, but it was also filled with nutrition nonsense, which is why we need to keep up our presence at the shows! I wrote about my thoughts in the post The Good Food Show: Nutrition Fact and Nutrition Fiction.

In October Sarah and I filmed a food video in our specialist area – Low protein diets for metabolic diets called ‘Healthy Low Protein Breakfast Ideas‘. We had great fun in the supermarket looking for products and ideas and then doing the filming. We will have to organise ourselves to do another one soon! The same month I was contacted by weight management Lisa who had invented ‘The Carb Spoon’ to help portion out the perfect carbohydrate portion. Check out my review here.

In November I had a go at my first infographic looking at how many calories are in alcoholic drinks and then in December Sarah encouraged me to have a go at writing my first Christmas gift guide from a dietitians perspective! I was a little nervous about this type of post at first, but I got some nice feedback. It was also nice to get a few blogging perks for once!

Last year Emma, the editor of the NHD magazine asked us if we would like to take over the end column in the magazine and of course we couldn’t say no! Our last post from this January is one of Sarah’s post from the magazine called Nutrition and Numbers, looking at how often the public believe the nutrition messages from the accounts with the largest numbers, rather than the experts and what we can do about it!

And talking about nutrition and numbers… we have managed to reach 5000 followers on facebook and 1000 followers on Instagram! Keep sharing and spreading the good nutritional messages!

We hope you have enjoyed our posts, let us know if there is anything you want us to blog about here at Dietitian’s Life!

Here is to our 4th year, let’s see what it brings!

Louise & Sarah x