Dietitian’s Life is one year old!

We first had the idea to start our own nutrition blog over a year ago. In our professional live’s we work together and often get over excited about things…. this has spilled over into our personal lives and we got way to excited about starting a blog together (what geeks we are!). We had some technical help from my web designer brother and soon we were on our way. Our main aim was to educate people about diet and nutrition as there are so many “wellness warriors” across social media, that often inaccurate and sometimes dangerous nutrition messages can take precedent. We also wanted to write funny posts that would appeal to dietitians and nutritional professionals as well as the public and raise our profession’s profile. We hope we have achieved some of these aims this past year and hope to continue this.

We have been amazed at how far our posts have gone.

Our Readers

40% of our readers were from the UK
16% from the USA
10% from Australia
4% South Africa
Followed by Malaysia, Canada, Ireland, India, Russia, New Zealand, 147 countries in total!!!

Our top 10 posts read over the last year

1. 10 Things people say when they find out you are a Dietitian
2. 10 Signs to spot a Dietitian
3. 10 Diet myths that Dietitian’s hear all the time
4. Red meat and cancer: The facts
5. Coconut oil: The health benefits?
6. Diet to reduce a fishy odour: TMAU
7. Dietetics in the 1940’s
8. The truth about sugar
9. What’s in the fridge of a dietitian
10. The 7 day 7 exchange challenge – The meal out

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and our supporting Facebook and Instagram accounts and we are excited to see how it will evolve further in 2016!

Best Wishes,

Louise & Sarah X X X

Nutrition geeks