It was my birthday recently and like usual I dragged the celebrations out a bit. Two meals; the latter including the co-author of this blog; Louise.


It made me smile thinking of two Dietitians eating out together. Would we be sensible and have a delicious but sound healthy meal? Or would we go nuts and eat the world? I have other friends who work as Dietitians who very much do not practice what they preach and others who are extremely food conscious.

I think as always that happy medium and moderation is key.

Despite this several thoughts went through my head and I would class them as “Dietitian thoughts” –

  • “I better pick a starter or a pudding”. Standard. Both equals a feeling far too full, feeling uncomfortable and a likely bad night’s sleep. This is a good mantra as always you to enjoy 2 courses without over doing it. Louise and I chose bread and olives and some breaded squid to share which was delicious and not too filling.


  • “I better only have 1 bit of bread or I won’t be able to eat my main”. Bread is very filling and is extremely moreish. It is easy to overdo it and not be able to eat the next course or basically overeat! Sticking to 1 bit with my starter was enough.
  • “I better get a good fill of veggies at the salad bar to make sure I hit my 5 a day”. The restaurant had quite a quirky salad bar with sweet potato, cold peas and cucumber, salad leaves and beetroot so it was easy to get an extremely tasty and colourful 5 a day.

IMG_2745 (1)

  • “I better drink plenty of water with my glass of wine.” There always needs to be water on the table when I eat out. The food is always saltier than my home cooked alternatives and with alcohol being a diuretic, replacing that fluid is important. This is made imperative when you are woken at 5.30am by a 2 year old on Sunday morning with a potential wine-head.
  • “I want a meal with plenty of protein in it”. Both Louise and I chose fish; me hake and Louise sea bass. High protein, full of essential fats and amazingly well cooked. Mine came with vegetables and lentils as was Moroccan. Louise did enjoy some chips as would never have at home.

12305918_10156478859280556_1286085024_n (1)

We had an extremely tasty meal. I felt I was quite sensible, ate pretty healthily and my Dietitian mind was out in full force. I didn’t feel I missed out at all.

It was a shame I had another glass of fizz and 5 squares of chocolate when I got home! Oops!