It’s important to stay hydrated and water would be one of our top recommended drinks, but sometimes we need a bit of flavour in our lives! I was contacted by Tg Green Tea to review their green tea products on the blog. I was sent some bottles of their ready to drink green tea and 3 different flavours of green tea bags.

The Chinese have drunk green tea for the last 4000 years. The green tea leaves for these drinks come from a Chinese tea plantation on the Dao Ren mountain peak. The fresh leaves are steamed to make green tea, rather than black tea where the leaves are fermented. Traditionally a bitter drink, the ladies behind Tg have developed some sweeter, low sugar green teas for our British pallets.

Ready to drink Green Tea

I first tried the ready to drink green tea with mandarin and ginseng. Being a tea based drink it was not too sweet, but I got used to the taste and enjoyed the flavour. I preferred it cold out the fridge. I also added a couple of frozen lemon slices to one bottle and enjoyed it this way also. My eldest daughter who is 6 tried it and with her first sip she could tell me she could taste the orange flavour and liked it, but with further sips, she decided she didn’t like it. So maybe not a suitable taste for children’s pallets! It is a low-calorie drink, only 29kcals and 6.6g of sugar per 330ml bottle. It is lightly sweetened with sugar and stevia leaf. This is a better alternative to sugar laden drinks such as coke with 35g of sugar (139kcals) per 330mls! It is nice to see all the traffic light colours green for the nutritional info.

Hot Tea Range

For a completely sugar-free drink then try the tea bags. They are pyramid shaped and you can see the tea leaves and ingredients inside the bags. I am a lover of tea and have recently got into different types of tea and loose leaf teas so I was excited to try these. There are 3 flavours; green tea, green tea with ginger and lemon and green tea with jujube (fruit) and osmanthus (flowers). I tried the lemon and ginger green tea first. Brew for 3 mins and then take the bag out of the mug. You can then keep the bag and use for a second cup (love a money saving tip)!

I liked the hint of the lemon and zing of ginger that came through with this tea. The Jujube and osmanthus tea bags had a sweeter, flowery flavour which was my favourite. The standard green tea bags on their own are a little too bitter for me. The packet suggests adding sugar or honey to sweeten if you prefer, but this just adds the sugar back in. I preferred the 2 flavoured ones as I find no need to add sugar to these.

Health benefits?

Type in health benefits of green tea into a search engine and you are presented with a lot of different health benefits from weight loss to protecting against cancer. When looking at the evidence for these claims, then the majority of the evidence is weak or lacking. For more details link through to NHS choices for a review of green tea health benefits. One health benefit we can say is that these are low sugar drinks, so better for you waistline and teeth than full sugar versions.

Final thoughts

I enjoyed both the ready to drink tea, especially with ice and lemon and the flavoured hot green tea. They are both good low sugar healthy options to hydrate when you need something a little different from water.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Tg ready to drink and tea bags for free to review for the blog. All views are my own.