1. Someone who talks about bowels a bit too much…! Talking about what we put in our bodies and how it comes out again.

2. The water bottle is always around. On the desk or lined up in dietitian staff meetings.

3. Checking of the kitchen bin to see what the other half has eaten while been away.

water bottle dietitian
Wrong diet advice

4. While watching programs about diet, sighing and shouting at the tv when they get it wrong.

5. Healthy snacks in the bag ready for a trip out or to take to work.

6. Not selling themselves with personal testimonies, but using evidence based dietary advice.

7. You will never see a Dietitian on a detox diet because they know they have a Liver and Kidneys that will do the job.

8. Fruit skins left on dashboards…

9. The first person to eat cake when offered (as usually none at home).

10. Always banging on about the same thing… “A healthy balanced diet is the best, no fad diets!!”

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If you can think of any more, let us know in the comments box!