My girls love pink pasta and it is also a sneaky way to get more veg in their diet! I make a white sauce and then add grated cheese and beetroot to make it pink. The creamy sauce is a good way to get calories into a child, but a large portion for an adult would be quite calorific, so if you are tempted to eat it to, then make sure your portion isn’t to large and team it up with lots of salad on the side. If you want to increase your weight, then treat yourself to a bit more!


  • Pink sauce: large knob of butter or margarine (to cover 1/2 a wooden spoon), plain flour, milk, 1 x peeled grated beetroot, grated cheese (handful)
  • Pasta and which ever veg you or your child likes (frozen peas, tinned sweet corn, chopped carrots)


  • To make the white sauce (a great skill for your cookery life!), melt a large knob of butter or margarine in a small pan. Once melted, add a small spoon of plain flour and stir into the melted butter. Slowly keep adding a little more flour so it gets absorbed into the fat and eventually makes a ball (roux).
  • Once you have made a soft ball, then slowly little by little add your milk (10-20mls at a time). Each time you add the milk, use your wooden soon to mix it into the roux so the milk gets absorbed into the flour fat mixture. Once the milk is absorbed add the next 20mls of milk and it will eventually makes a smooth sauce. Careful, if you add to much milk in one go you can end up with a lumpy sauce!
  • Now add the grated beetroot and watch it go pink and then add the cheese to give it flavour.

Pink white sauce

  • At the same time (or after if you are not good at multitasking!) boil the pasta (I would use a large handful per little child, but will often cook in batches).
  • If adding chopped carrots pop in the water to boil at the same time, if frozen peas then pop in the pan a few minutes before the end of boiling or add the tinned sweet corn at the end.

Boiling pasta

  • Once the pasta is cooked, drain and then slowly add the sauce to the pasta and mix until it is adequately covered.
  • Any left over sauce can be frozen in pots and put in the fridge or freezer for another day.

pink pasta in the pan

  • If you have made lots, then serve your kiddies and then pop the rest into portion sized plastic pots for the freezer.

Pink Pasta