It is as it says on the bottle; water that tastes of vegetables!

With the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey published recently reporting that we are still drinking too many sugary drinks, then there needs to be other appealing options to choose. Yes water is the best option to drink; hydrating, no calories and kind to your teeth, but there are times when a little extra flavour is needed! It’s at these moments when a sugar free option is perfect. Usually the options are always sweet using fruit flavours, but what about vegetable flavours…?

The guys at JF Rabbit sent us some of their Veg Water to try,  so I invited Sarah over to taste them over lunch!


There are 3 flavours; cucumber, beetroot and ginger.

  • Ginger: This was my favourite, a light taste of ginger, but a spicy after taste!
  • Cucumber: It literally tastes of cucumber in water. Unfortunately cucumber is not one of my favourite foods, so it wasn’t to my taste buds, but Sarah likes cucumber so drank it. I might have liked it better if it was mixed with mint (or maybe I am thinking of Pims…!).
  • Beetroot: Beetroot red, tastes of beetroot, that earthy almost tomato juice taste.
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Each one only has 3 ingredients; water, the veg juice and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This means the calorie and sugar content is minimal. The  beetroot has the highest calories with only 8kcals per bottle and 2g sugar.

As there is only a small amount of vegetable juice in them, then they won’t be counted towards your 5 a day.

These would be perfect for someone with a savoury tooth rather then a sweet tooth. If you expect a sweet drink then you will be disappointed. Definitely better in the fridge or with some ice to make it more refreshing. They could potentially be mixed with other drinks to make a more savoury tasting cocktail or mocktail.

In conclusion

A virtually sugar free drink to be enjoyed as an alternative to a sweet drink.

Not something I would drink regularly at home, but I may choose as an alternative option if I was out at a cafe or restaurant.
Disclaimer: we were sent the Veg Water free of charge to review. No money was paid for this post. All views are our own.