Today was Day 3 of the 7 day 7 Exchange Challenge! I had a lovely meal out with Louise on Day 2 but we admitted to going over on our exchanges a bit. I woke feeling quite less hungry! Must have been those chips!

I started the day with 2 slices of Genius brown bread (2 exchanges), a nectarine and my Lophlex. This was washed down with a cup of tea and Snopro. The Genius bread is definitely more filling than the standard low protein bread. The extra 1g of protein and fibre seems to help.

I felt like I was taking food for 3 days to work. See below:


Mid-morning came and I felt a bit peckish so went for some low protein crackers and another nectarine. I had my second Lophlex before a lunchtime meeting and I was so glad I did as the meeting ran over.

Lunch was a salad made with rocket, carrot, tomato, olives and dressed with balsamic vinegar. I shared a can of carrot and coriander soup with Louise (1 exchange) and had 1 slice of Genius brown bread (1 exchange). Dessert was strawberries and some low protein fruity cake Louise had made. I felt really full after all this!


I was planning a gym trip later so knew I needed to eat more. It was going to be a cardio, high intensity session so I knew I needed plenty of carbohydrate. I had an apple, some low protein cookies and a banana before going in. I was worried that I would have no energy but I was so surprised. I had tonnes of energy and it was a hard class! Possibly the eating little and often was helping me to keep my energy levels up? Perhaps I was eating more sensibly than normally? Regardless of this I felt great.

I came out and immediately had a Lophlex before getting showered. This would help my tired muscles recover a bit. So with 3 exchanges left vegetable risotto was for tea. Using these exchanges for rice the rest was bulked out with vegetables; broccoli, carrots, onions and cauliflower (small amounts). I topped it with grated Violife cheese, pepper and balsamic vinegar. 



I was still hungry so dessert was some raspberries and blackberries and lemon sorbet. Was yummy! I had a few low protein cookies as well with a decaf tea and Snopro.



As I write this post my tummy is rumbling though which I know is the exercise! I usually have some almonds and a bit of cereal if not on the PKU diet so I reckon I’ll be munching on some low protein crackers in a bit and if that fails another Lophlex for that bit of extra protein.

Day 3 is over and I am so surprised at how good I felt during exercise. If you plan and eat right you can perform well.