My husband swears he has changed since meeting me. Unfortunately, not in the tidiness department but in his eating, fitness and quite disturbingly his willingness to to discuss his bowel habits.

We wanted to share these signs and changes with you and ask the question: do you know the signs that you are dating a dietitian?

Do these ring true with you?

  1. Your lunch box contents changes from containing a packet of crisps and a cake bar to elaborate salads, almonds and numerous pieces of fruit.
  2. Whilst staring at the confectionery aisle when choosing a snack, a little voice in your head starts to direct you to the whole foods section.
  3. You sneakily snack on junk when your partner is out of the house and hide the evidence under the sofa.
  4. You are very familiar with the Bristol Stool Chart and find poo discussions refreshing.
  5. Listening to your friends talk about their diets makes you shake your head in frustration. You still add salt to your food?! Frosted flakes for breakfast? Are you crazy?
  6. Your friends come to YOU for dietary advice.
  7. You have to explain at work conferences why you are being restrictive and only having one biscuit; “my partner is a Dietitian, you see…..”only counts as one of my five a day
  8. You start to panic at bedtime when you realise you have only had 4 portions of fruit and vegetables that day.
  9. Food shopping now takes double the amount time as you not have to look at the fat, sugar and salt content on every label! This used to mainly be protein in your “bulking up” days.
  10. You silently judge that person pouring salt all over their dinner; with the shopping trolley full of sugary drinks and white bread or the one slurping on an energy drink at 7.30am. Well that did used to be you!

We would like to know if you can relate to any of these! Please let us know in the comments.

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