We were sent a selection of new snacks called Nothing But. They are freeze dried fruit and vegetable pieces in small packets with no other added ingredients. I was keen to try them to see if they were a handy way of getting another portion of fruit and veg in.

Nothing ButtWe were sent 3 flavours: Strawberry and Banana, Pineapple and Grape and Sliced Beetroot and Parsnip. Fruit and vegetables have a  very high water content, so when they are freeze dried and all the water taken out, they become very light little crunchy pieces. The calorie content per packet is very low 34kcal, 40kcal and 36kcal respectively. No added salt, fat and sugar (unlike conventional snacks) makes them very appealing especially for health concious people.

Nothing buttFirst taste of the strawberry and banana and I was impressed, my 5 year old announced she loved the strawberry. The strawberries reminded me of the freeze dried strawberries you find in cereal! By the end of the packet I found them quite sweet, as I am more of a savoury person. I found the pineapple and grape quite sweet to. They may do better for me as a topping on plain yoghurt or porridge to get some natural sweetness in.

Nothing Butt lunchI tried the savoury bag of beetroot and parsnip with my lunch as an alternative to crisps. They gave you the crunch of a crisp with out the extra salt and fat. I enjoyed this better than the fruit ones and would be keen to try the other savoury flavours – Mange Tout & Red Pepper and Pea & Sweetcorn.
Nothing Butt at workThe handy portioned packets means you can take them with you for a snack or as part of a packed lunch. I would always recommend fresh whole fruit and vegetables first, but if you are looking for an alternative way to get a little more fruit and veg in your diet or an healthy alternative snack on the go, then they may hit the spot.

Nothing Butt

Disclaimer: The Nothing But snacks were sent to us free of charge to try and review. No money was paid for this post. All views are our own. See our Disclaimer.