This is a review post, I was sent the Carb Spoon for free in exchange for a review. All views my own.

We often hear people say that carbs are fattening, but the reality is that it is the amount we eat not the type of food which makes us put on weight! Wholegrain, high fibre carbohydrate foods are linked to a decreased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers so they are important to include in our diet. So the key is the portion size. It is very easy to overeat carbohydrate foods, so weight management dietitian Lisa has invented ‘The Carb Spoon’, a measuring spoon to measure out the perfect amount of carbs to cook and eat.

What the Carb Spoon looks like

I was sent a Carb Spoon to try out. It came in a nice presentation box along with an information book. The book included information on carbohydrates, how to use the Carb spoon, how to portion your meals out and a couple of recipes. The spoon is made from sturdy plastic and has a hole in the handle for measuring spaghetti!

A short video trying out the carb spoon

Useful guide to go with it

The book has a handy table of different carbohydrate foods and what type of spoonful would be the perfect portion sizes. For example a rounded spoon of cooked rice or a level spoon on cooked quinoa.  There was also a table on how to measure out the raw carbohydrates. This was really handy for me as I often overestimate how much rice or pasta I need to cook in the pan and will have food left over.


Lisa explains in her book how many spoons of carbs would be right for you. This will depend on your gender and how active you are. She also explains about the different types of carbohydrates in our diet, including natural sugars (in fruit and milk) and free sugars (that we need to cut down on).

My verdict on the carb spoon

I was a little sceptical of this spoon to start with, but after using it I was convinced. It was so easy to use to get the portion size right without guessing or using weighing scales. It was great to get a useful information booklet all about carbs to go with it.

If you need a quick and easy way to monitor or control your portions then the Carb Spoon is a great handy tool.

For more information on the Carb Spoon then click through to the Spoon It website. You can also find useful info on healthy eating and portion sizes on Lisa’s blog.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Carb Spoon for free to review for the blog. All views are my own.