Needing to follow a special diet for medical reasons shouldn’t mean you miss out on some of the simple celebrations in life.

My eldest son, aged 13 years, has coeliac disease and this means he can’t eat gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. At weekends to add variety to our diet we will often start the day with gluten-free (GF) pancakes. The gluten-free scotch pancakes recipe below can be adapted using various flours and milks as well as using egg substitute to replace egg if required.


  • 150g self raising GF flour (we like Doves Farm GF flours but there are alternatives available)
  • 50g ground almonds (optional – an alternative could be to use other GF flours e.g. buckwheat or GF brown flour or just use a total of 200g self raising flour)
  • 2 eggs
  • 300ml milk – cow’s milk / almond milk / coconut milk / soya milk

For large thin pancakes use plain flour and double the milk quantity.


  • Weigh out the GF flour and ground almonds in a large mixing bowl – stir to combine.
  • Add the egg to the flour mix.
  • Measure out the milk in a jug; gradually add the milk to the flour / egg mix whisking continually to prevent lumps.
  • Once fully mixed, pour the batter back into the jug as its easier to pour into the pan.
  • Warm up a frying pan on the hob.
  • Spray the pan with oil or rub in butter to grease the pan and prevent pancakes from sticking.
  • Once the pan is warm pour out the batter – size to suit preferences. We have small pancakes!
  • Let the pancakes cook. Once bubbles start to appear its time to flip over.
  • Once cooked on both sides, flip the pancakes out onto a plate and cover with a tea-towel to keep warm until all batter used up.
  • This amount of batter will make roughly 20 small pancakes. It is easily doubled.
  • Once all the batter is used up – ready to eat!

Topping ideas

  • Fruit
  • Yoghurt
  • Chocolate spread
  • Jam
  • Lemon curd
  • Maple syrup
  • Lemon and sugar
  • Honey and sliced bananas

ENJOY!! Happy pancake day 🙂